Planning to rent or lease furniture?
We'll help you.
We will select a design set according to your needs
Choose what kind of furniture you want
Our designers will make a selection
If you like it, you can rent it.
We cooperate with the best furniture rental services in the US
Our designers will send a set with the best prices for you within 24 hours
To rent furniture, just follow the link below.
You can rent some items or the whole set at once.
You can replace any items — just write back
what you don't like.
It's always free
You only pay for the rental of furniture if you want.
We recently interviewed 75 people who have experienced renting furniture. We tried to understand what they find important when renting furniture so that Rentomatic could offer the best service possible.
Fast and easily
We'll take responsibility for everything.
You do not need to compare dozens of websites and choose the best
No need to waste time looking for the furniture you dream of
No need to check furniture availability
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