Improve your customer's experience renting apartments on your website
Be the first!
Participate in Rentomatic's pilot launch and a new way to collaborate in the rental market
Your estimated revenue increase is
We're developing a widget
It allows renters to furnish an apartment directly from your website
Integrate the button “Rent furniture” on your website
Receive a 10% commission every time a renter completes a furniture rental purchase
How it works
Through the eyes of a renter
Chooses to rent an unfurnished apartment
Сlicks the "Rent furniture" button
Sees the total amount of the furniture to-be-rented and makes the order
How an apartment rental service benefits from this widget
Get additional way to monetize the traffic at no extra cost
Increased rental decisions and loyalty because of the added value of furniture rentals
Stand out from your competitors as a unique rental opportunity
Let's talk about stats
renters who complain about the inability to rent an apartment and furniture in one place
average check for rental funiture
+ $23
the estimated increase of your ARPRenter
your commission from each paid order maded via Rentomatic
+ $552,000
*if organic traffic is 100.000 visitors per month, conversation rate 2%
The estimated increase of your Revenue
Rentomatic is invested by Admitad
Admitad Startups is a investment group based in Chicago. We are focused on web and mobile B2B & B2C ecommerce
Launch a pilot project on July
We're looking for 3 apartment rental groups to participate
Next Steps
Submit an application to participate
We'll set up an online meeting with you
Then, we'll launch your new service
We'll develop the widget for your website
Your convenience
We only need a little bit of your time
Your website manager will only need to paste a few lines of code to integrate the new widget
We will pay a commission from the very first orders
We won't keep you long
Simple widget installation
Earn while you're testing
Ready to learn more?
Contact me via email or book a time slot via Calendly for a quick phone call
Founder Rentomatic
Alexey Shumeiko
1200 N Ashland Ave Office 500, Suite 511
Chicago, IL 60642