Beta-test a new solution for real estate services and professionals and help your clients furnish a new home
Create a seamless
move-in experience with rented furniture
A new revenue stream for the real estate industry
Let your clients access Rentomatic via one of our free solutions
Customers select furniture with the help of our free designer service and make an order
You receive a 5% referral fee every month for the whole furniture rental or leasing period
Rentomatic has collected furniture rental and leasing services in one place
Discover your potential
income increase
with Rentomatic
Two ways to partner
Choose the option that works best for you and your clients
Integrate Rentomatic widget
Join Rentomatic referral program
Select how the widget will open up to your website visitors: after they click on the Rentomatic button, at the post-checkout, when they make a property viewing request? Or offer your idea.
Integrate a few lines of code into your website and start monetizing your traffic in just 3 minutes.
Share your personal link with clients online via any channel of communication
Give your clients offline Rentomatic flyers with your personal QR code
Ready to know more?
Start the partnership in 3 steps
Tell us about yourself and your preferred way to partner
Our customer success manager will invite you to a demo within 24 hours after you apply
Depending on the partnership type, we’ll provide you either with a few lines of code or your personal referral link
Fill in the form
Test the service
Monetize your clients
Still wondering why partner?
Get additional way to monetize your clients without any cost or risks
Enjoy increased customer decisions and loyalty for helping your clients to furnish their new home
Raise your value within the real estate industry by saving your clients’ time on furniture search
Open up to a larger network of partnerships: Rentomatic is invested by Admitad
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